Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nashville ready or not here I come!

This past weekend I decided that I would go to Nashville to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew..plus one of my really good friends, Jodi, was getting married...it seemed to be a great time to go! This was going to be my very first road trip by myself for more than three hours....this was going to take me FIVE! Now for most this doesn't sound like a big feat, but for me to voluntarily get in car and drive on highways and through bigger cities..this was a big deal. I printed off two maps with complete directions, put bottled water in the back seat, an extra umbrella and blanket, and a thing of chocolate chip cookies(for Robert and Amanda but you never know). I watched the weather the week before...it looked like rain going and coming..I really almost called this trip off. But the Lord had other things in mind, it cleared up and I was ready for this trip. I planned out stops along the way, and had checkpoints so I could set small goals for the trip ahead. Well, much to my surprise, my plans worked, I got there in five hours, sun shinning and ready to play!!

When I got Robert and Amanda's house, the twins were sleeping, which gave Amanda and I some quiet time to talk and catch up! She was such a great hostess! When the twins woke up, I went up stairs with Amanda to get them...they looked so confused when they saw me behind Amanda..it was like a "where did you come from" moment. But as soon as I smiled and said..who wants their Nutmeg...they were all giggles and smiles! I loved spending time with them and Robert and Amanda! They have a beautiful house and I am blessed to have a place to stay when I am there!

Also that weekend, I got to see my Uncle Robert and Aunt Lynn, who live down the road from my brother! We visited with them for a little while and Lynn came to church with us Sunday! Speaking of church...that was different. I am glad to see Robert and Amanda making an effort to make the church apart of their lives..especially with trying to get the twins up and ready. They have such good behaving babies..yes I'm bias, but it's true! For being babies they acted more like five year olds!

The other part of my weekend was to go see Jodi and Andy get married! This summer has been the summer of weddings...but I was looking forward to this one! They are such a cute couple and are so in love...She looked stunning! I loved the dress, flowers, candles, and other decor...and Andy looked handsome too! I was so glad I got to go! I saw several of my Harding friends that have graduated and I went to dinner with my friend Claire(Nashville native)...she was my driver for the night!