Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, this past weekend I went home for a long weekend and had a lot of fun just hanging out with the family! But before I can go any farther I want to tell you about a very special lady in my life...Mrs. Ethel! Mrs. Ethel lived next door to my grandparents in Springdale. She had no family, her husband Glenn died thirty years ago and she was 97 years old. I met Mrs. Ethel at Thanksgiving about 5 years ago. From that time on, she was officially apart of our family! We made her come to every holiday event, wedding and other events that family members were going to be at. Well Mrs. Ethel sadly passed away the week of graduation. While we all miss her a lot, I really feel like she lived her life to the very end and she didn't suffer at all. Mrs. Ethel volunteered at the Jones Center for many years, so she left pretty much everything to the charity, but she left all her possessions in her house to my grandparents! So when I went home for Memorial Day weekend I spent a lot of time at Mrs. Ethel's house helping clean it out and organizing the stuff. It was very overwhelming to go through each room and finding more and more stuff.
So to help, Andrew and Whitney came up for the weekend and Mark and Renee came as well! Eden helped too, she was out entertainment at the house...I think she had more fun wearing one of Mrs. Ethel's gardening hats! It was great!!! We probably spent three or four hours over there every day and it still didn't feel like we even touched the surface!

While Andrew and Whitney were here, they stayed with us, and Eden is such a joy to play with and be around! She is talking all the time, event though you don't understand but a few words, and she has so much fun with the simplest things! One thing that she loves is our dog (Jebus) who is not a small dog! She would go to the window and bark or try to go outside and play with him. I have to give Jebus some credit. He must know that Eden is a child and that he can't be rough with her...he would run by her but not to close, or he would let her pet him as long as she would let him give her kisses! The weekend was just a lot of fun!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The American Idol....KRIS ALLEN

Okay let me start this blog with until this past weekend we(Camille, Aubrey, and me) have had no cable. This wouldn't be a big deal except the American Idol finale was this last week and we were in search of a place to watch it...I know it's kinda sad..but Kris Allen...our favorite, is from Arkansas...represent! Anyways, one morning Aubrey called me and said that there was going to be a watch party at the Peabody hotel in Little Rock the night and wanted to know if we wanted to go. YES PLEASE! So we got home from work and decided we were going to drive an hour to watch a tv show on a big screen just because we didn't have cable! Well when we got was pretty packed and there wasn't really a place to sit so we staked out a nice piece of carpet. About that time the DJ, Heather, was asking if any one was from out of town or state. Well, I looked at Aubrey..and she raised her hand and said "me, me I'm from Texas!" Well, we finally got her attention and she said well come on up to the VIP section!!!! So we got to go up on this stage and sit in these really nice seats and have free cheese dip and chips! It was great, I love Aubrey and the fact that she is from Texas is a good thing..this time! Anyway, it was really fun and worth the hour trip!

But our adventure with Kris Allen didn't stop there, we decided that we would drive back again the next night to watch the results. So we drove another hour and sat behind these older ladies, who had a little too much to drink I think, and watched as Kris Allen was crowed season 8 AMERICAN IDOL! And the crowd went wild!!!!!! It was great! I'm glad I live with girls that don't mind doing some wierd things in the name of saving money!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome to Grad School..told through my eyes!

Well, I thought it was time to start a new blog for a couple of reasons. First, 2008 is over...and a new chapter is starting in my life. I graduated from Harding University May 9th, 2009, and now I am officially a graduate student. I thought this would be a great way to keep in touch, and for me to remember the different adventures, trials, and fun that I have this next year or so.
First off, I would like to introduce you to my housemates....yes I said house. There are three of us right now, because Jennifer is over in London having the time of her life and she won't be here until August. We decided that we would rent a house for the year...why not...right! Camille and Aubrey are awesome girls and I am so blessed to have them in my life and am very excited to live with them for the next year. They have put up with me a lot...they went to Scotland with me...and they have learned that I sing....constantly :) Alright on to the good stuff! So in the house that we are living wasn't exactly clean when we moved we CLEANED!!!! Well, the other night I was getting ready for bed and all of the sudden this HUGE Cockroach!!! I screamed and kept saying "Oh no, Oh no!" So Camille came in and I said the roach is in the corner....I think she was expecting a small little ole black one...then she sees it and goes....AHHH it's huge! And she ran out of the room. So I leave to go get a cup to capture the bug...okay just to really make sure you are all on the same page...think about the movie Men in Black..where Will Smith kills those huge roaches to make the giant alien roach upset....yeah those roaches....okay back to the roach cup and the huge roach. SO as I walk out of the room the roach starts following me down the I run in the living room and Aubrey and Camille are just laughing. So I go ever so slowly with the cup to capture the roach. It fooled me, as I got ready to capture ran away. So Aubrey manned up and took the cup and started chasing the roach down the hall until she caught it under the cup. So for about an hour after the cup just stayed in the hall (I wasn't touching it) and I was paranoid that where one roach was..there must be more. So I put on my rainboots, stuffed my pajama pants into the boots and grabbed a flashlight and went in search of the Men in Black bugs. Well, don't ask me what I was going to do if I found more....probably move out! But much to my happiness..I found none...yet! The we decided that we couldn't just leave the roach on the floor, so again Aubrey took it upon herself to be the bug exterminator and she took care of us! I am so blessed to be living with girls who step up in times of Crisis!