Sunday, September 20, 2009

Slugs....Snakes...and a whole lot of screaming!

Never a dull moment in the life of Megan....The last few weeks have been incredibly busy and a little bit stressful but more than that my house has been full of things that start with "s"!!!

First "s" is Slugs...that is right....SLUGS!!!! Our bathroom sink has been leaking a little over the last month or so. We called our land lord and he said he fix it later, and well later came the day I opened the bathroom cabinet and what should I see but SLUGS on the shelf and door! I couldn't believe it...I didn't know what to do except laugh! I told the girls to come see and well there were screams, and "you've got to be kidding" and "what do we do..." So we poured salt over the bottom of the cabinet and the floor, and then duck taped the doors shut...that should stop them..right?
Now on to the second "s"....Snakes...well one snake in particular...we shall name him Eve...cause it could have been a girl, but when I think of snakes I think of the devil...which in turn leads to the first sin...which leads me to Eve....anyways....

Aubrey, Camille and I had gone to dinner while Jennifer stayed home and worked on homework and stuff. So as we pulled into the driveway Camille got out of the car and walked toward the back door..when all the sudden all we heard was screaming. Aubrey and I thought it was a little girl but it was Camille...screaming because of what you might ask...because of a SNAKE..squiggling and hissing at her by the back door! We all screamed and Jennifer came out of the front door and had no idea what was going on and all Camille could get out was she jumped on the back of the car. Aubrey decided to take on the snake with a stick...until it tried to attack her, in which bravery tuned into fear and running and
I decided to size this thing up and decided that I needed a shovel, so Camille went over to Carmen's house (the only neighbor we know) to ask for a shovel. Once I had shovel in hand..I planned my attack. I tried to move it a little with the shovel and it was definitely playing dead until slowly it started moving its head up a little more and then it hissed and went to strike at me....which in turn I RAN AND SCREAMED to get out of there. Then Carmen asked what we were after and we said it's a snake...a snake. In turn Carmen yelled to the other neighbors..."guys...there is a snake!" And they came first really fast, then the "barbarian", so we call him slowed down and started more of a prance saying I don't like snakes. But he grabbed the shovel and took charge, got the snake on the shovel and took it to the middle of the road. Then....Killed the snake! But it doesn't end there, because he said..I think it's a baby cotton mouth...WHAT!

So he called over all the other men in the neighborhood and they gathered around comparing notes about poisonous or nonpoisonous snakes..and decided it was just a water snake....
So without further is Eve...the dead snake and the friendly neighbors:

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  1. Great post. I don't think I would have been able to even look at the snake. Hope you had a great birthday. It was good to see you. Love yeah and have a great rest of the week!